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PVY.swiss offers you all the tools you need to be productive in your work, similar to Google Business or Office365, with the difference that we ensure that your data remains private and is not indexed, or utilized externally.

From user management to standard formats, PVY.swiss complies with modern IT standards so your documents look the same in both Office365 or PVYoffice.

Our solution is not only more powerful and cheaper than competitors', but it ensures the security of your data by hosting in a Swiss datacenter. Or on your own Appliance.

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PVY-ID is your Private Personal Cloud single sign-on service for all PVY apps on your custom domain. It is supported on our web, desktop, and mobile apps.

Each user receives a PVY-ID upon signing up for a PVY@Cloud subscription, registering a PVY@Home or PVY@Office appliance, or when created as a new user by a system administrator.

Administrators can add more users for their business or family through PVYcentral. We have two user types: user and admin user, who can add and manage other users.

PVY-ID supports user, department, group, and device management, utilising LDAP and CAS for external applications that are outside the PVY.swiss ecosystem. Enhanced security features include MFA, OTP, and passkey options (Fingerprint, Hello@ID, Face-ID) allowing organizations to manage their IT landscape, covering both PVYapps and existing external systems in any environment. Everything is secured with PVYvpn - a session-less P2P VPN with symmetric key exchange – a truly secure way to manage user data and the flow of data.

Personal Cloud SaaS Package

Individuals & minimalists

8 core apps for the basics
App Replaces
  • PVY-ID
    Apple-ID, Google-ID
  • PVYgroupware
    Office365, Gmail
  • PVYfiles
    Sharepoint, Dropbox
  • PVYoffice
    Office365, Google Docs
  • PVYmessenger
    Slack, Teams, etc.
  • PVYremoteDesktop
  • PVYlnkr
  • PVYwebcall
    GoogleMeet, Teams, Facetime
User & Storage included
  • Users: 1
  • Aliases 5
  • Domain 1 Subdomain
  • Storate included 250GB
  • Add 1TB Storage per month $10

US$ 15 per month

Startup & Family office

15 essential apps. On top:
App Replaces
  • PVYphotos
    Apple, Google Photos
  • PVYcal
    Calendly, Google Calendar
  • PVYmeeting
    Zoom, Webex, Teams
  • PVYpad
  • PVYsearch & Maps
    Google, Bing, etc.
  • PVYsearch Lenses
    outpaces the Big 5
  • PVYstartpage
    Remember Netscape
User & Storage included
  • Users: 5
  • Aliases 5
  • Domain Own domain
  • Storate included 1TB
  • Add 1TB Storage per month $10

US$ 122 per month

Small to midsize Businesses

23 apps for Small to Midsize business. On top:
App Replaces
  • PVYcentral
    AD / Google Console
  • PVYanalytics
    Google Analytics
  • PVYbase
  • PVYautomat
    Zapier, Make.com, IFTTT
  • PVYbusiness-Suite
    CRM / ERP / CMS
  • PVYdevices
    Kollide, Ansible, Salt
  • PVYgtd
    Notion, Upbase, Assana
  • PVYserviceDesk
    Jira, Atlassian, Fresh
  • PVYvpn (p2p)
    Cisco VPN, OpenVPN
User & Storage included
  • Users: 20
  • Aliases 5
  • Domain Own domain
  • Storate included 5TB
  • Add 1TB Storage per month $10

US$ 499 per month

Enterprise & Corporations

32 apps for Enterprise and Corporations. On top:
App Replaces
  • PVYapplytics
    Many, SDK for apps
  • PVYux
    Figma & Co
  • PVYbuddy
    NoCode App builders
  • PVYbugtracker
    Many, SDK for apps
  • PVYlocalize
    Phrase, Localize, Crowdin
  • PVYmeta
    Any Business Analytics
  • PVYmdm
    MobileIron, Kandji, etc.
  • PVYwiki
    Many wikis, Docs
  • PVYvpn Gateways
    Cisco Security GW
User & Storage included
  • Users: 20
  • Aliases per each User 5
  • Domain Own domain
  • Storate included 10TB
  • Add 1TB Storage per month $10

US$ 799 per month


PVYapps seamlessly adapt to your workflow, support all industry-standard file formats and ensure effortless collaboration. They also have automated file versioning, support all MIME formats and include a snapshot library with a record of changes.
IOS Mac os Android Chrome F-Droid GrapheneOS Linux Windows
Every PVY customer has access to our App Store via PVYcentral, where they can select additional apps not included in their PVY Personal Cloud subscription. This allows organizations to customize their application stack based on their specific requirements addling the apps they need to their subscription package.

PVY.swiss offers 43 apps. When booked through the built-in App Store, these apps integrate into your management console, PVYcentral, where you can set permissions and app allowances for individual users or groups.

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